Mural Cost


Most murals will cost between $5 to $90 per sq. ft. with a $1,000 minimum, depending on the intricacy, the size, any obstacles we have to work around. This includes the cost of materials and equipment.

That sounds like a wide range, right? Each mural is unique, and really is a one of a kind piece, so there is no hard and fast price list. So how much does a mural cost?

Getting a quote

The best way to get a quote for your dream canvas, custom item, wall or room is to call or email with what you want. We travel all over the world for our clients; so the mural quote will include travel, hotels etc.  Important information that will help determine your quote is:

  • Your location

  • Size of the wall or walls

  • Level of detail in the mural

  • Subject matter of the mural

  • Timeline the mural needs to be completed

Working on a budget

We will always do our best to work within our clients budgets. We know you want the perfect nursery, man cave, business logo or whatever else your dreaming of.

There are many ways we can work within your budget. Whether it takes breaking up a mural, painting certain sections in less detail, having the client do some prep work, etc. there is always something that can be done to bring the cost down if need be. 

 Dont be afraid to call or email and discuss what you want and what your budget is.